Platform technologies

We make optical modeling software with extended functionality: tools to document development process, tools for design support, and providing a platform for dedicated solutions, user-addons, new components, MBSE, AIT and multiphysics.

Advanced Tooling

Global Optimization. STOP analysis: based on novel optimized interpolation to maximize level of automation
Freeform analysis.
Meta Optical Elements (MOEs)

I/O connectivity

Connect to conventional ray-tracers, metamaterial analysis, CAD, FEM, cost analysis, Python tools, machine learning.

Systems Engineering

Requirement Management
Systems Engineering dashboard for real time project monitoring
Easy to repeat or reuse processes, where SE is integrated with optics and mechatronics.
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Our Team

Our team of optical software developers is a dynamic and skilled group dedicated to advancing the field of optics through cutting-edge software solutions. These experts collaborate on a wide range of projects, spanning both hardware and software domains. With a keen focus on precision and innovation, they design and optimize optical elements, ensuring efficient light manipulation for various optical systems and instruments.

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